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About the project

We are a family of nerds who talk about Marvel, DC, Star Wars and other nerdery all the time and often find ourselves searching up release dates. But we couldn’t find a simple list of all the movie and series releases. So we made one ourselves. This website is to be a quick and simple reference of media releases, past, present and future. It’s not a site for deep knowledge, not intended to be complete, and not designed to cover any market but the United States. We track the nerdery that we’re into. That doesn’t mean we don’t aspire to greater things but for now we’ve set modest and attainable goals. Thank for visiting our site. -the Geek Releases family

Contacting Us

More social media, including more pictures of cats, is coming but for now you may contact us these ways. The family (including Shad Cat) are looking forward to hearing from you. We also have a buymeacoffee if you value our work and wish to throw a couple bucks our way. We are all very grateful for your support. ❤️

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